Thursday, 4 August 2011

Roasted Garlic: Put it in everything

Ever since I made the notorious "Chicken with forty cloves of Garlic" a while ago, it became apparent that everything should have more garlic in it. When garlic is roasted it loses its spicy sharpness and becomes intensely tangy and wonderfully warming. While it complements a roast chicken exceedingly well, it is by no means a one trick pony and there is a very simple way of getting perfectly roasted garlic with very little effort.

Take a bulb of garlic and slice the bottom of it off. Keep the bottom attached to the bulb and wrap it up in foil. Bake the garlic package for about 30 - 40 minutes in a moderate oven. That's it. When you can squeeze the garlic out of its paper, its done and now you have one of the most versatile ingredients know to man.

The roasted garlic is an excellent addition to any simple garden salad or as a way to give your mash an extra kick. Add the garlic to any pasta sauce or soup to give a hearty winter dish some extra warmth. If you're game you can just eat the garlic as is. It might seem a bit crazy but, as part of a cheese platter or or a dip, the intense garlicky tang can become something you downright crave.

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